My seven smart steps is only two pages long and you'll probably read it in five minutes or so.  But in those five minutes, I'll let you know which colleges are the absolute best choice for most of the students I work with--and probably for you too!

I'll explain why you may want to seriously consider a college which is not on your first-choice list.  (Hint: it's all about the money.)

I'll tell you why college fairs are often a waste of time and the preparation you need to do in advance if you decide to attend one.

I'll tell you when to complete the FAFSA.  The best time is probably sooner than you think.  Do just this one thing and you're almost sure to be ahead of the game in terms of paying for college.

I'll get you started on your scholarship search-- painlessly!

I'll prepare you for the one conversation you must have with your school counselor to be sure you never have wasted credits when transferring from one college to another.  This is huge!  Don't waste thousands of dollars worth of your education needlessly.

I'll give you a quick look at the long-term impact of student loans.  Please don't bury yourself debt!

I also get you thinking about student aid reports and the fact that the college that offers you the most money to attend might not be the most economical choice.

The bottom line is this.  My 7 Smart Steps is free.  I can email it to you almost instantly.  Once you have it, you will have a much better handle on your college planning.

What are you waiting for?


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