What about my school counselor?

I'm glad you asked.  I would NEVER suggest that anything you read here is intended to replace the time you'd normally spend with your counselor.  Your counselor has probably come to know you over a period of years, and certainly has access to lots of information about you that I'll never see.  More important still is the fact that when you see your counselor it's a two-way exchange of information.  That makes him or her an ideal resource when planning for college, careers, etc.

My hope is that this web site will help you to research before seeing your counselor and perhaps in between visits.  Consider this a place to get some ideas and to develop questions you'll want to discuss when you see your counselor.

If you graduated a few years back, and are ready to consider college planning in a serious way now, I still suggest calling your high school counselor.  I've had very few graduates come back to talk, but I was always able to make the time, and as a rule they were very productive conversations.

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