Spring Clean Your Scholarship Search

I try to keep up with new articles and features from fastweb, and I always come away feeling it was time well spent.  A recent article on cleaning up your scholarship search was no exception.  It was broken down into 3 parts.
"1. Update Your Fastweb Profile
The more information you add to your Fastweb profile, the better your scholarship matches will be. Even things that you may not think are important, like your nationality, parent’s jobs or location may qualify you for more scholarships!"
This is excellent advice, and not just because you'll get more results.  I some cases you will no doubt get LESS results, but that's OK.  With so many scholarships out there, you need "best match" situations, not simply a list of every scholarship ever offered.
"2. Spring Clean Your Social Media Accounts"
Ideally this wouldn't be necessary, because everyone would always think twice before posting anything online.  Be honest though.  Does every post you've made online reflect well on you?  If not, take it down!  Be aware though that just because you take it down does not mean it can't possibly come back to haunt you.
"3. Utilize Different Methods of Learning about Scholarships
While you should make it a point to stay on top of your Fastweb account by checking your scholarship matches and deadlines regularly, there are other ways to connect with Fastweb to find even more opportunities.  Download the Fastweb app and find scholarships anytime, anywhere . . ."
I have to admit, I had higher hopes for this last item.  Is the app really all that different?  I've always said that the most "high probability" scholarships are the ones offered at your own high school, and I doubt that you need an app for that.

For more ideas on earning scholarships, check out my free scholarship guide!

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